Did Kisaki Kill Takemichi – Why did Kisaki Call Takemichi Hero

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Did Kisaki Kill Takemichi – Why did Kisaki Call Takemichi Hero

Tokyo Revengers simply completed the anime’s introduction season on an amazing cliffhanger! The introduction transformation of Ken Wakui’s distinctive manga collection has been one of many extra grounded hits of the Spring and Summer time anime timetables, and presently has completed its 24 scene run with its most up-to-date supply. With the Bloody Halloween bend completed and the aftermath of Toman and Valhalla’s huge battle settling all through the span of the final scenes, the collection is presently getting ready for a sudden new the state of affairs.

As followers had discovered within the final scene of the interval, Takemichi Hanegaki has found out find out how to arrive at one other place contained in the Toman bunch. There’s been some massive adjustments typically talking as each Toman and Valhalla have authoritatively mixed after the battle, and a glimmer ahead again to Takemichi’s current uncovers that Kisaki has change into undeniably extra highly effective and celebrated contained in the gathering. With this, be that as it might, Takemichi earlier than lengthy results in an incredibly ridiculous finale and the final snapshots of the scene depart followers on the hugest cliffhanger within the anime but.

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The season finale of the collection sees Mikey proclaim that Toman and Valhalla are presently formally a 450 half strong gathering, and Kisaki is praised as one of many saints that received every little thing going after the events of Bloody Halloween. Takemichi formally turns into the commandant of the principal division (with Chifuyu instated as his dangerous behavior administrator), and he is so content material with what quantity has occurred for the gathering that he returns into the current to understand what quantity has modified. Toman itself had become so much larger and extra highly effective gathering, and Takemichi stays one of many better ups in proper now.

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The contort, nonetheless, is that on this timetable Mikey has vanished and Draken had been executed so Kisaki drives the gathering now. Nonetheless, within the final minutes, Kisaki then, at that time kills the grown-up Chifuyu and plans to kill the extra seasoned Takemichi for double-crossing him and neutralizing him for the past 12 years. He uncovers that he organized Baji’s passing from the start (as suspected), and focuses a firearm to Takemichi’s head because the final snapshots of the scene roll. With a tear shifting down his cheek, he calls Takemichi “my legend” concerning one thing and the display screen blurs to darkish as a gunfire is heard.

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Did Kisaki Kill Takemichi – Why did Kisaki Call Takemichi Hero

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