Leaked Video of Jayda (Prettygurljayda) and AJ (Theeyloveaj) goes viral by Twitter Messytea12 and On Social Media

A series of leaked videos of Jayda and AJ (two social media personalities) goes viral on social media and sparks outrage. Jayda is known as “prettygurljayda” on Instagram and “AJ” is famous as “Theeyloveaj” on TikTok. It is rumoured that Jayda and AJ are in relationship and private videos of them has been leaked by a Twitter user “Messytea12” who is an anonymous Twitter user.

  • Social media personalities Jayda Rogers and AJ caught in leaked video tape
  • JAYDA and AJ are in a relationship who filmed themselves while in an inappropriate situation
  • Leaked video of Jayda and AJ has been shared by a random Twitter user Messytea12
  • Twitter and TikTok users are reacting to Jayda and AJ leaked video Tapes

According to details, on July 14, 2021, Twitter went into a frenzy after a series of leaked videos featuring TikTok star Jayda and AJ emerged on social media. The leaked videos of AJ and Jayda were first shared on Twitter by a user “@Messytea12” who is an anonymous user.

The leaked videos of Jayda and AJ show both of them in a compromising situation. After the purported videos emerged on social media, people began trolling Jayda and AJ by saying that AJ became pregnant after these leaked videos were filmed.

One of the leaked videos of Jayda and AJ shows Jayda giving head to AJ. Another video shows AJ getting railed by Jayda. It should be noted that AJ is a boy and Jayda is a transgender.

Where can You watch Jayda and AJ Leaked Video Tapes

Due to the nature of purported videos, we are not going to upload those videos here. And we will advise you to not to watch them. However, all of the leaked videos were shared on Twitter and you can watch Jayda and AJ leaked video tape here and here.

You can watch Some safe to watch parts of Jayda and AJ leaked video, part two here and part three here.

Introduction to Jayda and AJ

Born on March 27, 2004, Jayda, real name Jayda Rogers, is a Social media personality who has gained popularity to her prettygurljayda Instagram account. She has earned fame there for her original dance videos and lip syncs often made with DubSmash.

After the Instagram, she has gained significant popularity on TikTok where she has 409,000 followers and 13.7 million likes. Her TikTok ID is “RealJaydamarie.”

She has one younger sister, whom she has featured on her Instagram account. She’s been dating fellow social media star “theeyloveaj”.

AJ, social media name “Theeyloveaj” is also a social media personality, initially popular on TIKTOK with more than 300,000 followers. He is basically Short form lip sync content creator who rose to fame by sharing videos on his theeyloveaj TikTok account. He garnered more than 300,000 fans on the platform but recently, his account has beenremoved off TikTok.

Jayda and AJ hasn’t responded to their leaked videos yet.

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